Duramax Diesel Issues and Where to Go to Fix Them

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    Diesel fuel injection system

    Humanity has progressed leaps and bounds when it comes to technology, modes of transportation, and systems that make our lives much easier. From the days of horse drawn carriages to the modern age that is drawing closer to automated cars that don’t need a driver behind the wheel, humans have proven that we are capable of making just about any dream a reality. Inventions and ideas that were once only found in the pages of a science fiction novel or with the right special effects on screen, have been developed to actually serve us in real life. Now, the main issue becomes aligning these impressive developments with positive environmental impact.

    Your personal environmental impact

    Not everyone has a strong focus on the environment, and the things that we do to imp

    Why Weekend Warriors Should Leave Work With Extra Large Hose Clamps to the Professionals

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    Aba clamp

    There are do it yourself tutorials a plenty everywhere on the web for weekend warrior projects, especially in the home and auto repair front. While do it yourself projects can be a life and money saver in a pinch, they can also cost unsuspecting weekend warriors more in the long run than hiring a professional. How’s that for being counter productive? Although you may be tempted to dive into a do it yourself project, read these time and money saving tips to avoid a DIY disaster!

    Do it yourself dangers

    Even seemingly simple do it yourself projects can pose hidden dangers to the untrained eye and can go left real quick. Without the proper skills, training, and equipment, you’re likely to make a costly rookie mistake that will either cost your time or money or both, not mention putting your o

    A Brief Overview of Grouser Bar Tracks

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    Grouser tracks parts

    Grousers are made to help to increase the traction of tracks on various materials. Dangerous road conditions can lead to construction vehicles getting stuck. Grousers are made to be placed on tracks to allow them to gain better traction. Grouser bar tracks allow construction vehicles to handle just about anything, similar to what athletic shoes do for athletes during a big game.

    The grouser was invented during the time of World War I. These devices were first used on tanks that fought in this war. However, changing times brought about new demand for ever-changing construction projects. One invention that enabled construction vehicles to tackle rough terrain for decades has been the grouser. Many dangerous construction projects have been possible thanks to help of a grouser.

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