A Three-Inch Crack In Your Windshield Could Increase Your Risk Of An Accident When To Repair

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    A cracked windshield is bad news. Considering your windshield’s job is to protect you from the elements, UV rays and flying objects, even a small crack can be huge bad news if left unchecked. Windshield replacement, thankfully, is an incredibly simple process that can be done in a matter of hours and can restore your car back to its previous splendor. Even better? You can bolster your windshield by giving it additional features such as tinted glass. Below are the top five tips for getting your windshield repaired.

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    Do You Need Legal Advice After a Car Wreck?

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    This has been a week that some families would like to forget. From the charter bus that flipped over after a tire blowout in California to the people who have been injured by fireworks across the nation, this has not been the happiest Fourth of July weekend. If you find yourself in need of auto injury attorney or a personal injury accident it is important that you find someone with proven experience in their field. From a Kentucky law firm to help you deal with an tractor trailer crash to a Nebraska legal team to assist you in a pedestrian collision, finding the right attorney can help you navigate the complicated court dates and appeal processes.
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    Why You Should Support Minority Owned Dealership

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    Minority owned dealerships are often overlooked due to economic inequality. However it?s sensible to say that a minority owned dealership plays a major role in the car industry as well as the country?s economy. This is what consumer activism is all about. It?s more than just boycotting a brand or company, it includes purchasing your next family car, sport utility vehicle, buick suv, or what ever kind of vehicle you want from a minority owned dealership. The importance of this action has been explained by numerous activists, and scholars around the country for years now. Buying your car from a community focused car dealer or minority owned dealership strengthens the community. It is a great way to reinvest into your co