When Was the Last Time You Had to Repair a Windshield in One of Your Vehicles?

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    Switching drivers and looking for the keys were two of the main focuses of today’s road trip.
    When you offered to take your Dad on the fourth 12 hour drive to visit your daughter in college he was more than eager. In fact, you had to field quite a few phone calls to make sure that he did not show up at your house too early. The plan was to leave early on Wednesday, drive half way, spend the night, and arrive on campus sometime on Thursday. The trip home would be a one day affair on Sunday. As in the past, you told your dad that he could stop when ever and where ever he wanted. You should not have been surprised when it took 13 hours to make the first six hour part of the trip. From stops at a down town seed store and a hardware store took a pretty bog chunk of time. So did the sit down breakfast and lunch.
    On day one you really wanted to make sure that you and your dad were able to visit a local knife store on day one, but you barely made it in time. After lunch your dad spotte