The Case For Buying A Used Car

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    Dealers of pre-owned vehicles

    Though some people prefer to buy their motor vehicles new, buying a used truck is a valid option that provides people with a quality vehicle at a considerable lower cost. Buying a used truck can be a way for someone to get their dream car without breaking the bank and still sticking to a budget, and without needing to finance their motor vehicle (which over 40% of people now do). Over 40% of people also see a car dealership as a place to learn about their options, and car dealerships can help prospective buyers look at everything from new cars to a used truck so that they can best compare their needs and options and make the most informed decision possible.

    Buying a used truck or used car is certainly not uncommon, however. In fact, every vehicle on the road has an average of three owners in i

    Why Consumers With Good Credit Are Choosing Used Cars Over New Ones

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    Used cars in tacoma washington

    Whether they?re using an online car finder or checking out used cars for sale in Tacoma, consumers with good credit records seem to be shifting gears. According to Experian Automotive, an information service company that provides business and consumer credit reporting, more and more car buyers are choosing used cars over new ones.

    ?One of the biggest trends we continue to see is the shift into used vehicles by customers with excellent credit,? explained Experian?s senior director of automotive finance, Melinda Zabritski.

    But why are consumers with premium credit taking out loans and heading to the Continue Reading No Comments