You Know Winter’s Going to be Serious Business, Is Your Snow Pusher Up to the Job?

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    Street Snow RemovalWhen you live in the “snowy parts” of America and Canada, generally speaking everything above 37°N, you need heavy duty snow plows, like, the biggest containment plow you can get. You need to handle the record winters we’ve been having, and who knows what’s to come.

    At the beginning of March of 2015, according to NOAA’s National Snow Analysis, 63.4% of the continental U.S. had snow on the ground. In their record high seasons, Anchorage, Alaska, Denver, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah, have each received at least eight feet of snow. In 2014, winter weather was second greatest cause of weather related damages in the U.S. second only to only to thunderstorms.

    An IHS Global Insight study done in 2014 found that just a one day snow related shutdown in New York City can add up to $700 million in costs, including $152 million in lost sales for retail businesses. That year, New York City spent almost $131 million to clear snow.

    Now, you know that snow pushers and snow plows are designed to serve very different purposes. Snow pushers contain and move snow to an appointed area, while plows just move it off to the side. Snow Pushers are typically used to clear spacious areas such as industrial facilities, airport tarmac, parking lots, and comparable areas that are larger than an acre. When you’re facing blizzard conditions, large amounts of snow falling or blowing with winds in exceeding 35 miles per hour and visibility of less a quarter mile for more than three hours, you need the strongest biggest containment plow you can get.

    The Super Duty Sno Pusher is the biggest containment plow on the market, available up to 30 feet long and able to contain 57 yards of snow. New York City spent $11 million on private snow removal in 2011; that kind of business goes to the company with the biggest containment plow.

    And snow pusher units aren’t just for snow, but can be used for moving and handling any light materials, from grain, manure, mud, silage, sludge, and trash to water. Just think of how much matter you could move with the Super Duty Sno Pusher, in general.

    Winter’s here, or will be any second. Get a jump on the competition this year by getting the biggest containment plow available and scoop up all their regular contracts.

    How to Help Your Car Survive Winter’s Wrath (And Potholes)

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    Potholes. The worst enemy of every driver in the Northeast.

    It’s a vicious cycle, really — winters bring snowy roads, and snowy roads must be melted. The salt that’s widely used to melt the snow, however, works too well and wreaks havoc on the asphalt itself. This causes tremendous craters on highways, driveways, sidewalks and every other flat surface people depend on for travel.

    And when you’re doing 65 and don’t see the mini crater rapidly approaching your wheels, it could spell disaster. Potholes can cause flat tires, dented and destroyed rims and plenty of other problems you’re forced to endure inside your auto. In fact, it’s become so common that New York’s WABC news station dedicated an entire story to it in January. Drivers all along highways in the metropolitan area became stra