3 Reasons to Book a Car Service for Your Next Business Trip

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    It is no secret that traveling for business can sometimes be stressful. One of the best ways to reduce or even eliminate stress in the case that you need to catch a flight is to hire a limousine service. The taxi and limousine industry makes around $11 billion and grows by 3.2% each year. With the industry growing as steadily as it is and the convenience that it provides, there is no wonder more people are using it to their advantage.

    For those who are wondering if hiring a car service is the best option for their next business trip, consider these few things:

    Booking a limo service in Fresno provides you with the peace of mind that you do not have to worry about getting lost during the process of finding both parking and your terminal before your flight.

    8 Tips to get Better Car Service

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    Car repairs can be very expensive with any work needed on engines and transmissions being some of the most costly. A recent study showed that approximately 90% of all cars on the road today are in need of some sort of repair right now. Nearly one quarter have low or dirty oil. Finding a good mechanic and getting decent auto repair quotes are essential parts of owning a car today.

    Tips for Getting Good Auto Repair Serivce:

    1. Know your car. This does not mean just pay attention to it when you are driving but read the manual. This can avoid you looking foolish for taking your car into be serviced because you do not know how something in your car works. Knowing the trim level can help identify a good deal about the engine and transmission. Have your VIN available as you need that when you are making an appointment.
    2. Have your paperwork on your car with you. Keeping detailed records of what you have had done on your car will help your technician discover what is wrong with your car. Bring all of this with you when you take your car in. The less time it takes to find what is wrong with your vehicle will mean lower costs and less time spent in the auto repair shop.
    3. Find a good car repair place. You have to decide between a small operation and taking your car into the dealership. If you have a car that is not common, you will probably want to go to the dealership. Remember, the people who work at a dealership are experts at the kinds of cars they sell. Mechanics at independent garages are not. Get auto repair quotes from both and ask around to find the best place to take your car. Make sure your garage uses original equipment manufacturer parts. These are better for your vehicle than generic parts.
    4. Has the garage ever worked on your kind of car? If you are concerned about this kind of thins, ask if they have much experience they have with your make and model of car. Cars and trucks are becoming more and more complicated. Make sure the garage where you take your car has people who are experienced at working on your kind of vehicle.
    5. Ask about the garage’s ASE certification. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) awards certification to mechanics twice a year. Ask your garage if they have this kind of certification and if not, why? Not having this certification should not rule out a garage but it is worth asking them what their status is.
    6. What does the garage charge for labor and parts? When you start getting auto repair quotes, do not just ask for a base price but ask what the change for labor. Many garages post this in very conspicuous places but if you are not clear about how much they charge, make sure you ask. Sometimes it can be confusing. You may think that repair you need is small but then the garage can take all day to complete it.
    7. Trust your gut. If you get a bad feeling about a garage, get back into your car and keep going. You do not need to go to someone you do not trust. Make sure the people you go to for your car repairs are willing to talk to you and answer your questions. For instance, when you are calling for auto repair quotes, does the person try to rush you? If they do not have time to answer your questions, they do not have time to fix your car.
    8. Ask questions. Do not be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Ask about how their car repair estimates match up with other garages in your area? Car repair services vary from garage to garage, how does the one you are looking at compare to others? What is their normal turn around time for the repairs that you need? If you feel like the garage is not interested in answering your questions, go someplace else. If they cannot take time to talk to you when they are trying to get your business you can bet they will not take more time once you are one.

    You Know Winter’s Going to be Serious Business, Is Your Snow Pusher Up to the Job?

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    Street Snow RemovalWhen you live in the “snowy parts” of America and Canada, generally speaking everything above 37°N, you need heavy duty snow plows, like, the biggest containment plow you can get. You need to handle the record winters we’ve been having, and who knows what’s to come.

    At the beginning of March of 2015, according to NOAA’s National Snow Analysis, 63.4% of the continental U.S. had snow on the ground. In their record high seasons, Anchorage, Alaska, Denver, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah, have each received at least eight feet of snow. In 2014, winter weather was second greatest cause of weather related damages in the U.S. second only to only to thunderstorms.

    An IHS Global Insight study done in 2014 found that just a one day snow related shutdown in New York City can add up to $700 million in costs, including $152 million in lost sales for retail businesses. That year, New York City spent almost $131 million to clear snow.

    Now, you know that snow pushers and snow plows are designed to serve very different purposes. Snow pushers contain and move snow to an appointed area, while plows just move it off to the side. Snow Pushers are typically used to clear spacious areas such as industrial facilities, airport tarmac, parking lots, and comparable areas that are larger than an acre. When you’re facing blizzard conditions, large amounts of snow falling or blowing with winds in exceeding 35 miles per hour and visibility of less a quarter mile for more than three hours, you need the strongest biggest containment plow you can get.

    The Super Duty Sno Pusher is the biggest containment plow on the market, available up to 30 feet long and able to contain 57 yards of snow. New York City spent $11 million on private snow removal in 2011; that kind of business goes to the company with the biggest containment plow.

    And snow pusher units aren’t just for snow, but can be used for moving and handling any light materials, from grain, manure, mud, silage, sludge, and trash to water. Just think of how much matter you could move with the Super Duty Sno Pusher, in general.

    Winter’s here, or will be any second. Get a jump on the competition this year by getting the biggest containment plow available and scoop up all their regular contracts.