The Different Types of Small Dents and How to Repair Them

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    With time, it’s likely your vehicle will experience some wear and tear both on its body and under the hood. When it comes to the exterior, among other factors, the cost of repair is going to depend on where the dent is on your vehicle and the size of it.

    Many car owners may attempt to make small dent repairs on their own, but doing this can be risky and may result in even more damage and increase the final cost of repair. Many of the DIY methods are less careful and efficient, but thankfully, professional repairs are not too costly and will guarantee a proper fix. Here’s what you should know about car dent repair

    How Much Does It Cost?

    As mentioned, there is no fixed cost per dent, as it will depend on the type and size of the dent; however, paintless dent removal is the most common type of repair, and it is also the least costly. You’ll be looking at around

    Dangerous Driving Habits Can Lead to the Need for Many Kinds of Repairs

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    You are beginning to feel extremely bad for the people in the homes on one of the main thoroughfares in your neighborhood. You take that route out to work sometimes after dropping your children off at school. Some of the people are driving on this street as if it were not one that snakes its way through the length of a neighborhood. You are at least thankful for the speed bumps though. You fear, however, it the city does not so something to get the street monitored, there will be a pedestrian fatality before long.

    Even when you are not on the road, however, you are becoming more and more aware of the careless nature of many people. In a school year that has started with more substitute teaching jobs than normal, your small SUV has been parked in a number of different school parking lots. Sometimes at a high school where you might be surrounded by student drivers and sometimes in an elementary parking lot where you know all of the drivers are adults, your car has suffered a number