Four Reasons Companies Can Benefit From Installing An EV Charging Station

    Written by Margaret. Posted in Electric car charger manufacturers, Electric charging station companies, Ev charging solutions

    With each year that passes, more and more drivers are discovering the benefits of driving electric cars. Plug-in electric vehicles are now viable for most lifestyles and budgets. With more than two dozen models now commercially available, some 800,000 Americans have made the switch to driving electric.

    The U.S. electric vehicle (EV) market posted a solid first half (H1) of 2017, growing almost 40 percent year-over-year to 90,302 vehicles. As if that wasn’t enough proof, electric vehicles will make up the majority (54%) of new car sales worldwide by 2040, according to a 2017 Bloomberg report.

    There are plenty of benefits to owning and driving electric vehicles, including:

    • Fuel Savings: On average, fueling a car with electricity is roughly the same as gas at $1/gallon of fueling with gasoline. With lower running costs, that means you’re going to save money if you own an EV. To find out just how much you might be able to save, many fuel cost savings calc