3 Steps to Ensure You’ve Found the Perfect Hose Clamp

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    Large stainless steel hose clamps

    The hose clamp was first invented by a man named Lumley Robinson in 1921. Since 1921, hose clamps have been utilized in a wide variety of industries, especially in the worlds of both plumbing and automobile work. With that in mind, it’s understandable to find out that you’ll need a bit of assistance while choosing hose clamps for upcoming projects. Considering that, here are three steps to help you find the right kind of hose clamp.

    1. Find Which Type of Clamp You’ll Need

      There are many types of hose clamps include those utilizing worms gears, springs, and wires. It’s important to ensure that you’re utilizing the right kind of clamp that is meant to be utilized during

    4 Main Types of Hose Clamps

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    Military clamps

    In mechanical projects, hose clamps are a vital component for sealing and attaching hoses to different equipment, mounting home fixtures fixing leaking pipes and serving automotive. Besides the multiple application hose clamps have, they come in various designs.

    Here are four main types of hose clamps used in the industrial and residential application.

    1. Ear Clamps
    An ear clamp comprises a stainless steel band that is designed with closing features referred to as “ears”. It’s used to fasten hoses and other piping systems to fixtures in air and water lines. For proper installation, ear clamp plier is used to apply this component over connection points of a hose or tube.

    The pincer permanently deforms the clamp upon installation. In addition to fastening suspended hoses, other