Why Using a Cobra Car Kit Saves Money

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    Authentic replication

    A Cobra kit car cost isn’t something most people think about with their models. But building one can provide a sense of pride and hours of enjoyment. Cobras were originally built to be Corvette-beaters since they weighed less than the Corvette. Here are a few good reasons to build one.

    Have a Sense of Pride in Your Car

    Although car racing is what the Cobra was made for, and weighs a lot less than the average racing car, just having a car built for this sport isn’t enough for some people. For those looking for a custom muscle car, building their own is the perfect chance to create something they’ll be proud of for a long time.

    Cobra Kits Make an Excellent Family Activity

    For some

    A Brief History of the AC Shelby Cobra the Little Muscle Car that Could

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    Cobra kit car manufacturers

    The Shelby Cobra is a performance driving muscle car that many motorheads know by name–but do they know the history?
    The Shelby Cobra was first invented in the 1960s by American race car driver Carroll Shelby. Shelby wanted to build a smaller performance driving vehicle with an engine comparable to Corvettes. He originally approached Chevrolet with his plans, but Chevrolet backed out because they didn’t want to provide any competition to their famed road and track performance car, the Corvette. Instead, Shelby wrote to AC and AC agreed to fund the operation. After months of testing and modeling, the Shelby AC Cobra was finally put to the test on the roads of California in December of 1962.
    From there, the AC Shelby C