Different Types of Buses and What Makes them Different

    Written by Margaret. Posted in Bus driver training course, Bus rental companies, Charter vans

    There are many different types of buses used to transport school aged children, and each bus differs meaning they require different bus parts and bus maintenance. Knowing the difference helps you better understand how parts and maintenance may differ. Some of the different types look similar but there are a few distinct things that makes them different. Read below to see the difference between common school buses used for student transport.


    Smaller buses are designed to carry around ten people. These buses are shorter than normal buses, therefore they are usually not used to transport children to and from school in the morning and evening. They are used for smaller transports such as special needs children and field trips, events and outings where the number of children on each bus are smaller than a class size.


    There are a few types of long buses, but the one thing that sets these buses apart from the first kind is