What to Know About the 3 Main Types of Hose Clamps

    Written by Margaret. Posted in Adjustable hose clamp, Constant tension hose clamp

    Constant tension hose clamp

    It’s important that you’ve chosen the right type of hose clamp. There are many hose clamp types and sizes on the market which can seem understandably confusing. It’s a wise decision to do a bit of research on the various types of alternative hose clamps before finding the right one for you. With that in mind, here are the differences between three types of hose clamps.

    1. Spring Clamps

      The spring clamp is often utilized throughout a wide variety of industries. One reason for the popularity of the spring clamp is due to how simple this device is to use. A spring clamp is a strip of metal that is shaped as a cylindrical spring with several protrusions.