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    The GPS Isn’t Just Useful For Directions It Can Also Help Businesses Save Money On Transportation

    Written by Margaret. Posted in Commercial vehicle, Gps fleet tracking canada, Web based gps tracking

    We live in a truly marvelous age.

    Gone are the days of slow travel and inaccurate maps. All you have to do to obtain step-by-step directions is punch in a few addresses in Google and watch the rest do the work. For those that work in fleet management, you can take this a step further and apply a fleet GPS tracking system. Tracking vehicles is extremely useful in the transportation industry, saving businesses time and money as they do their best to obtain their monthly minimum. You might be feeling the need for change yourself.

    Let’s take a look at the small and large ways you can increase the efficiency of your business with a simple installation.

    First things first…let’s appreciate the growth of history with the development of the GPS. This useful form of technology is so widespread as to be taken entirely for granted. People today rely on it to help them navigate new and old areas alike, saving them gas money that could be wasted puttering arou

    Tuning up the Car

    Written by Margaret. Posted in Amr performance, Hyundai performance parts

    Automobiles have risen to become a dominant industry around the world today, especially in parts of the world like the United States where they are often status symbols or an expression of the self. Some car owners just need a vehicle for commuting to work, but others are car enthusiasts who know what cars can do, and they will want to find the best models and makes and tinker with their cars for maximum performance. This goes beyond mundane repair (though that’s still involved); hot rod owners and lovers of muscle cars can modify the engine or replace it, swap out the wheels and tires, add a spoiler, or anything else to make a car truly their own. Brands such as Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and Subaru, among others, offer some popular models of cars that enthusiasts will want to get their hands on, and adding components like a fuel surge tank can be very helpful. Should one buy a fuel surge tank from the secondary market? How cost effective is the secondary market as a whole? And what replace

    How Many Cars Does Your Family Own?

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    This is the kind of Christmas that will likely never be repeated. The decision to purchase both of your girls new Hyundai Genesis cars was a little extreme, but it is not too often when parents find out that not one, but two of their daughters have received full ride scholarships for their schooling. Your youngest, a 17 year old senior in high school, found out earlier in the week that she was one of five students who had earned a tuition, room, and board scholarship for the first choice on her list.
    Just two days later, your older daughter, a 21 year old senior in college, found out that she had qualified for a 50% tuition scholarship for the one year accelerated nursing program that she had hoped to get into. If she agrees to select from one of the hundreds of openings that are in the hospital system where she will be training, the remaining 50% of her tuition will be forgiven. She will still need to pay the monthly rent for the town homes where the nursing students pay, but that