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    When Was the Last Time You Had to Wait for a Building to Open to Move In?

    Written by Margaret. Posted in Hose clamp, Hose repair clamp, Stainless hose clamp projects

    As the new tenants are getting settled into their new homes, the leasing company seems to be doing little more than putting out fires. From loose hose clamps on dishwasher to no hose clamp or hose at all on at least one washing machine, the emergency maintenance crew is boing kept more than busy with the move in of the first 60 renters. Already opening more than six weeks later than initially promised, the emergency team wishes that a few missing hose clamps were the only problems they are hearing about.
    Unfortunately, since as much as 80% of the property is still a construction site, there have been problems with homeless folks from the surrounding neighborhoods. Looking for little more than shelter from the rain, it is no wonder that these people are finding their way into the building and sometimes into empty units. With only being open for a little more than a week, few of the promised security measures are in place. Stairwells that provide easy access to long hallways of vacan