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    Knowing How to Use Brakes on an RV

    Written by Margaret. Posted in Controlling trailer sway, Electric brake actuator, Rv sway control system

    Many Americans who own their own pickup trucks use those powerful vehicles to tow items such as trailers or RVs, aside from motor homes (which drive themselves). Some truck owners are towing trailers for work, and others are towing leisure items such as a drum kit. But no matter what the cargo is, any pickup truck owner is encouraged to know all the safety procedures with towing trailers, especially heavier ones. Trailer sway can be a real problem, and without electronic trailer brake controllers, a towed RV might go out of control on the road. Fortunately, electric trailer brake controllers are widely available today, and trailer brake wiring systems can make any towing job smooth and easy. What is there to know about trailer brake wiring systems or preventing dangerous trailer sway? Using trailer brake wiring systems is a fairly straightforward concep