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    Has Your Car Been Struck with Major Hail Damage?

    Written by Margaret. Posted in Paintless dent removal, Paintless dent repair, Paintless dent repair near me

    Hail can damage a car in no time at all. Unknowingly, weather can strike at any time and cause your car to be damaged by hail. Hail comes in all sizes with bigger sized pieces causing significant damage. The National Weather Services has state that it takes a golf ball sized hailstone of 1.75 inches to cause dents in a vehicle. Being caught out in a hail storm can be upsetting.

    Do you know what type of hail dent removal is right for your vehicle? Car dent repair services are perfect for hail dent removal. However, which type of dent removal service is right for you? A great option is paintless dent removal, otherwise known as PDR. This hail dent removal service can remove unsightly dents due to hail damage.

    PDR Dent Removal Gets Rid of Unsightly Dents

    No one likes to see their car riddled with dents. PDR is a revolutionary hail dent removal technique that has been specifically designed to remove dents without using any paint for removal or repainting