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    5 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Paintless Dent Repair

    Written by Margaret. Posted in Car dent repair, Dent removal

    When your vehicle is damaged, it is important to be aware of the most affordable, practical, and appropriate options for repair. Experts contend that up to 90% of vehicle dents can be repaired by utilizing paintless dent repair techniques. If your car or truck has suffered only minor damage, such as dints or dings where the paint surface has not been damaged, you can consider paintless dent removal. If you’re new to this type of small dent repair, you may find yourself asking a range of questions, including “Are PDR techniques cost-effective?” and “Can I find paintless dent repair near me?” These questions and several others are addressed for your convenience below. Read on to discover some of our most frequently asked questions regarding PDR dent removal.

    How does the PDR technique work?

    Rather than replacing whole panels or parts of your vehicle after a min