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    How To Make Your Car Last For As Long As Humanly Possible

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    Having a car here in the United States is nothing if not a necessity. After all, most people don’t have access to extensive systems of public transportation and, especially during the winter months in colder parts of this country, traveling from place to place without a car is likely to be nothing if not virtually impossible. In fact, even traveling short distances is likely to be undesirable by just about any standards. For people who live in rural parts of the country where walkability isn’t really a thing, owning a car or at least leasing one is something of a need and not just a desire.

    Unfortunately, many people are not easily able to pay for a brand new car. After all, many brand new cars cost more than $30,000, a sum of money that many people are not willing to take on, even if they get a loan and pay it off over the course of time. Fortunately, there are a number of options that you can take advantage of to gain access to a car, options that won’t incorporate the spending

    How GPS Tracking Solutions Are Changing The Way We Drive

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    What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

    Fleet GPS tracking is commonly used in commercial vehicles for tracking through logistics and transport. The system used in tracking equipment allows for a location to be precise and consistent in its delivery—fleet GPS tracking systems come pre-installed with features that monitor statistics like, fuel consumption, average speed, and the current time and location of the driver. Commercial vehicles have over the years have gradually implemented vehicle tracking, introducing the first GPS in 1996, and designed web based GPS tracking in later years as one of its main features in newer makes and models. Commercial vehicle tracking gives the car more appeal to consumers, and provide drivers a smoother, more comfortable ride to their destination.

    How Is GPS Fleet Tracking Useful To Companies?

    GPS fleet tracking has also made its appearance in Canada. Recently, telematics companies in Canada have designed a Continue Reading No Comments