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    The Automotive Aftermarket Import Performance Parts

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    Start your engines! Ask anyone who drives a car and you will hear the the same thing: the buying doesn’t stop when you drive out of the lot. In fact, in 2017, the automotive aftermarket in the U.S. was an industry worth $287 billion.

    Through 2020, the projected compound annual growth rate of the automotive aftermarket is 3.6%. Whether you have purchased a brand new vehicle or a used one, there’s always something new and exciting available to make your car even better than the day you purchased it.

    These aftermarket parts can be categorized in two different groups. The first group is accessories. The second group consists of performance parts, and sometimes these are import performance parts. Customers have the choice of having their vehicles serviced, or of doing it themselves. Let’s have a look at what items make up these two categories.

    Accessories are items that are made to be added on after the sale of the original vehicle. These accessories can be designed for cu

    Paint Touch Up Kits Can Keep a Car Looking Its Best

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    You have always said your son was an interesting combination of traits. At times, your son seems like a carefree high schooler ready to face any challenge, some traits resembling your approach toward life. At other times, your son is particular about every detail, mirroring traits of your husband. A generous graduation gift of a used Jeep has been the latest way that you have noticed your son’s varied approach to life. One night he is out mudding with his friends, showing off his Jeep. The next day he is concerned about a couple of scratches on the door and is intent on ordering a color specific Jeep Wrangler touch up paint kit.
    In the past, your family has mailed a holiday newsletter that lets both friends and family stay updated on your three sons, as well as what you and your wife have been up to. This year, however, your schedule has been crazy, so you are going with a Christmas in July announcement.
    The letter

    5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Becoming A Truck Driver

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    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says that approximately 5.9 commercial motor vehicle drivers operate in the US and nearly 12 million trucks, rail cars, trains and other vessels move goods over the transportation network.

    Even with such a large transportation system, the way we move things is constantly evolving and more and more business is being done online. E-commerce in the United States generates more than $400 billion in revenue and is climbing. Whether carrying a truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL) or parcels, they are being forced to adjust to changes in the retail industry.

    The trucking industry is just one part of the transportation sector feeling the effects of these changes. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that trucking will transport 18.79 billion tons of cargo by 2040, it appears the length of those hauls is decreasing.

    Even with changes, the importance of the trucking industry in the United States doesn’t appear to be losing it