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    How is the Subaru Symmetrical All Wheel Drive System Different From 4WD?

    Written by Margaret. Posted in 5 things you didnt know about subaru, New subaru dealer, Symmetrical all wheel drive

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    Subaru vehicles have earned a loyal customer base because of their reliability, safety, fuel efficiency and, of course, that cute logo with the stars. There also very environmentally friendly and Subaru factories have achieved the goal of sending zero waste to the landfills. Subaru?s symmetrical all wheel drive feature comes standard on nearly all vehicles. For anyone trying to decide between all wheel drive vs four wheel drive, a lot depends on the kind of terrain you will be covering in your vehicle.

    Subaru: the legend
    Subaru vehicles have achieved almost legendary status among their loyal customers. The company was formed by the merger of six Japanese companies, each represented by one of the stars in the logo. Subaru is actually the Japanese name for the constellation Pl