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    How Many Drivers Do You Have in Your Home?

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    If someone would have told you three years ago your two daughters would want to switch from their small and cute little first cars to much larger four door trucks, you would have thought that they were joking. The fact of the matter is, however, your two teenage daughters have both decided that they would rather be driving trucks that allow them to sit up high and to see the road instead of the much smaller compact cars that were their first vehicles.
    Auto dealerships across the country are in the business of connecting car buyers with vehicles that are the best fit for them. Both truck and car dealers have lots full of inventory of

    Basic rules of car safety

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    It’s not a well known fact but, although driving seems simple, it’s actually one of the most complicated activities you can do. It involves a lot of instinct and intelligence that can be difficult to acquire but thankfully are hard to lose. It’s not without it’s risks, however. Car safety is incredibly important but there’s just so much to keep track of. With all of the rules and regulations that come with car safety, it can be hard to keep track of exactly what’s important and what’s less important. Your local auto dealer can help you with a little bit but you’re going to want to take most of your car safety into your own hands. How do you do it though? If you can’t rely on your car dealer and yo

    Are You Looking for a Unique Car?

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    From a distance, the scene in the driveway must have seemed a little strange.
    The 16-year old driver standing next to her new metallic blue car was excited to show her neighbor her new set of wheels. When the neighbor, the biggest car enthusiast in the neighborhood, first saw the new car he knew there was a comparison to make. Within seconds he backed his AC Cobra kit car into the driveway. And while there was no comparison in price, power, or prestige, the color of the two vehicles was an exact match. The AC Cobra kit car was more highly polished, but the two drivers, one young and one old, enjoyed the fact that these two vehicles looked so similar.
    The older car owner gave the young driver’s ride a