Don’t Throw Your Weight Around with a Weight Distribution System For Your Towing Vehicle

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    Electric brakes

    It can be great to have the flexibility to simply hitch a trailer or RV up to your vehicle and take off. However, it’s not always quite as simple as that. If you’re towing something heavy, consider investing in brake controllers or a sway control system to help manage the weight distribution. Having a trailer sway control system can help reduce the likelihood of accidents and make it a more pleasant ride for the driver any any passengers in the towing vehicle. Safety is one of the most important things if you’re towing anything behind you — whether it’s a moving compartment, an RV, a trailer, or anything else! Not having the proper trailer sway control, for

    What You Can Expect From Selling Your Junk Car to a Cash for Cars Dealership

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    Cash for cars scranton pa

    In the Buddhist faith, it’s believed that attachment to material possessions is the root of suffering, and it’s easy to see how this ancient principle is still relevant in modern day life. Take for example the strong attachment people have to their personal vehicles, which often serve as extensions of one’s personality or even their ego. Just think of the stereotypical big muscle head dude that drives a large pick up truck. Or the suburban soccer mom with 2.5 kids that drives a minivan. The list of examples goes in! And it’s because of this attachment to their cars, that people “suffer” when they’re cars suffer due to accidents, repairs, or just poor performance due to age.

    You’d think that would be enough for a person to want to get rid of their car, but that’s not often the case. In fact thes

    Major Recall of Toyota Hybrid Vehicles Because of Faulty Airbags

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    Honda accord hybrid battery

    Toyota recalls 1.4 million hybrid vehicles because of a recent airbag company’s controversies.

    The hybrid vehicles, Toyota Prius and Toyota Lexus are great for fuel economy but might not be so great for airbag safety. More than 1.4 million of those vehicles were recalled in late June because Autoliv, a Swedish-American airbag manufacturer, is under investigation for having faulty airbags.

    According to The New York Times, no injuries have been reported due to these potentially defunct airbags, there have been a few times where the airbags unjustly deployed inside parked vehicles.

    Business Standard reports that Toyota began the recall on June 29, so they can inspec