6 Car Maintenance Tips That Anyone Can Do

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    When to have your brakes repaired

    It is so secret that Americans love their cars. That does not always translate into doing what is best for our vehicles. There are some things all car owners can and should to to make sure their vehicles stay healthy and happy. Basic maintenance steps such as going for oil change services to taking care to not drive aggressively. If you want to keep your car running, follow these tips:

    1. Go for an oil change as recommended. Every make and model of car is different. If you are not sure how often you need to have the oil change done, one rule people follow is to do it after

    5 Tips for Buying the Right Used Car

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    Used cars

    According to the Used Vehicle Market Report, 2015 was a very good year for used cars for sale. That year, at least 38.3 million used cars and trucks were sold. This was the best year for used car sales in about eight years, though every year almost 40 million used cars and trucks change hands in the United States. If you are looking for a used car and are planning to visit some auto dealers in your area, there are ways to make the experience better and to get the kind of vehicle that suits your needs.

    1. Check your finances and set your budget. Before you talk to you the local auto dealers, it is important to get an idea of what your true financial situation is. Look at your debt load, how much money yo

    Are You Looking for a Way to Make Your Vehicle Stand Out?

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    Vehicle branding

    White pick ups.
    White minivan.
    White crossover.
    White sedan.
    It is pretty obvious that your 84 year old father loves to drive white vehicles.
    On one occasion he had red half size pick up; however, he bought that used from a friend and not off a lot. In fact, your father explains, ever since he has had the money to be able to buy a new or very low mileage vehicle off a car lot he has always selected white.
    His logic is simple. They are easier to keep clean.
    In a change of course, he made a small change to his latest white pick up. Without really thinking too much about it he simply stopped by an auto detailing shop and ask them how much it would cost to have them put the pin stripe on the side of his latest purchase. As he got to talking with the salesman he decided to add some viny