5 Fluids You Should Always Be On Top of in Your Car

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    Transmission shop

    Your car is a highly complex machine that requires a lot of parts to be working properly in order to run. From gas to a transmission flush, one of the things they rely on most is the maintaining of the various fluids they run on. Here are five fluids you should always keep an eye on in order to ensure your car is running smoothly.

    1. Oil
      Oil is one of the key fluids your car runs on. Left unchecked, it could cause a whole host of problems for your vehicle. Each car is different when it comes to how much oil you use, however if you notice your car is using more than usual, it’s worth taking it into an oil and transmissi

    The Pros And Cons Of Diesel Engines

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    6.6 duramax injectors

    In recent years, diesel cars have become more popular for a number of reasons. For one thing, cars that run on diesel tend to be “cleaner” than their counterparts. 2014 alone saw Americans buy 489,612 clean diesel cars, and it doesn’t look like that trend is changing anytime soon. However, a lot of people don’t really understand what separates a diesel engine from a traditional engine; and therefore, when something goes wrong, they don’t understand why. You’ll be more likely to buy the right diesel engine car for you if you know more about how things like diesel fuel injection systems work, and what kind of duramax injector torque specs to look for. With that being said, let’s lo

    Life Tips #273 Take Advantage of Storage Units

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    Boat storage

    There are so many tips and tricks that people pickup on over the years that truly improve their lives. Nowadays, there are entire blogs, magazines, websites devoted to teaching people tips and life-hacks that help improve so many aspects of life. The main benefit of these life tips is the convenience aspect of each tip, as they often make it easier for people to accomplish a goal or task, but there are plenty of other practical advantages as well.

    One of the most practical and convenient tips that doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves, is taking advantage of self storage units.

    Far too many people believe they have no need for self storage units, but these are the same people who go home every day to overcrowded homes and stress out about how much items they have and how little space they have on